Review: Girlfight: Behind The Scenes Part 1: Moonlight's Fights

A behind the scenes look at two of the fights in the short film Girlfight: inVite.
Written by James Orrell
I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into when I received this Behind the Scenes disc for the short film Girlfight. I have seen the short and while I wasn't a fan, I didn't hate it as much as other people. And the writing on the back sleeve of the DVD did genuinely come across as interesting to me. The opening text crawl helped add to my interest.
Sadly, upon watching it, I have to say it was not an impressive or entertaining watch.
Normally I am a fan of behind the scenes featurettes and full length documentaries on the making of films. The entire process is fascinating. This dvd though only contained the process for two of the fights in the short film. There is no interviews. No commentary. It's just the raw footage. It runs at a lengthy hour and fifty minutes. The short itself is a quick thirteen minutes and is not even included on the disc. 
The opening text crawl describes all sorts of behind the scene drama in the making of Girlfight. As far as I know, none of it ever happened because the closest thing to behind the scenes "sabotage," which is described AT LENGTH in the aforementioned text crawl, is watching one of the actresses trying to learn how to tackle another actress for around forty minutes. Nowhere in this disc is there anything mentioned in that text crawl. To be honest, it's a complete misdirection that I can only suppose was put there to create hype at best. At worst, it's flat out bullshit. My guess is the truth is somewhere in between.
The only positive I can say about it is that the actresses and director seemed to have fun. That's about it.
I cannot recommend this to anyone but the most hardcore Girlfight: inVite fans. It's a slow, sluggish and boring way to spend two hours. The fact that I feel like I've been lied to by the film itself says all you need to know. I never want to say this, but don't waste your time with this. You won't get that two hours of your life back.