Review: The Void




Written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, The Void takes you on a trip that will shake you to your core.


by Adam Holtzapfel



The Void brings something fresh to the genre, I expect this to be at the top of a lot of lists at the end of the year.



Following what happens when Officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) brings James (Evan Stern) to the hospital after he crosses his path. From the moment they enter the hospital you feel the same sense of dread you get when Barbara enters the farmhouse in Night of the Living Dead. That feeling gnaws at you for the entirety of the film.



Once inside the hospital we meet Allison (Kathleen Munroe), Kim (Ellen Wong), Dr. Powell (Kenneth Walsh), and Beverly (Stephanie Belding). The cast is rounded out by Art Hindle, Grace Munro, James Millington, Daniel Fathers, and Mik Byskov.







As the story unfolds we see the characters scramble to stay alive. Do they leave and risk what’s waiting outside or do they stay and risk what’s inside the hospital?




What works for The Void is the story, it’s visually stunning, and the acting. The Void also pays a nod to those films that came before it, without being a homage film or a copy of them. With touches of Hellraiser, Night of the Living Dead, Lovecraft (most will compare it to The Thing, but it felt more Lovecraftian to me), The Beyond, and enough gore that would make Lucio Fulci proud; this is a film to run and see. It’s currently available VOD, but I recommend seeing it in the theater if you can.