Review: FaceXHugger - Chasing Replicants




Released March 14th, FaceXHugger is back with Chasing Replicants.




by Adam Holtzapfel


If you’ve seen the 2016 film She Was So Pretty, then you have heard some of FaceXHugger’s dark wave synth. Chasing Replicants is 9 tracks clocking in at around 25 minutes.



If you’re into later Gary Newman, the synth revival craze, or just looking for something different then this is for you. Similar to soundtracks for movies like It Follows and Turbo Kid, this is one to add to your collection (if darkwave is your thing).



The standout tracks for me are Tears In Rain, Failure to Comply, and Dream With Me.



While this isn’t my cup of tea, this is definitely one for fans of heavy dark synth, or those just riding the synth soundtrack craze, be sure to grab your copy here.