Review: Bereft - Lands




Wisconsin’s Bereft are here with their atmospheric doom debut on Prosthetic Records, Lands dropping on March 31st.



by Adam Holtzapfel



Bereft brings 4 tracks of blistering doom clocking in at just under 50 minutes. Reminiscent of late 90’s hardcore bands like Racetraitor, Bereft bring crushing guitars, guttural vocals, and a heavy rhythm section to round out Lands.



Consisting of Zach Johnson - Guitar/Vocals, Alex Linden - Guitar/Vocals, Cade Gentry – Bass, Michael Kadner – Drums (studio), and Jerry McDougal – Drums (live). Bereft recorded in 9 days at with Kevin Antreassian (Dillinger Escape Plan) at Backroom Studios, studio drummer Michael Kadner had this to say I've been a big Dillinger Escape Plan fan for years, so it was pretty surreal to work with Kevin.” “He's a phenomenal engineer, and also the most down to earth, funny, and welcoming dude you'll meet. The recording sessions couldn't have gone smoother.”



Live drummer Jerry McDougal had this to say about joining Bereft, “I first met the guys at a rehearsal complex we shared. They caught wind of my gear-headed nature, which struck up some great conversations. One thing lead to another and here we are. I feel extremely honored and grateful to be part of Bereft, and can’t wait to see what crazy adventures await us on the road.”




The album is phenomenal if you’re a fan of late 90’s hardcore tinged doom. The standout tracks are We Wept and In Filth, really the whole album is a perfect example of using both abrasive and melodic vocals.