Review: Without Waves - Lunar




Metal jazz fusion act Without Waves are back with Lunar, dropping March 17th on Prosthetic Records.



by Adam Holtzapfel



Following up 2014’s The Entheogen listeners are hit with 9 tracks spanning just under 51 minutes and assault that’s a mix of Candiria and the heaviness of Dillinger Escape Plan’s Calculating Infinity.



Self produced at Bricktop Studios with Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Immortal Bird) and mixed by Sanford Parked (Eyehategod, Voivod) this is an album not to miss. It has everything you’d expect from an uncategorizical band of this caliber. Guitarist/vocalist Anthony Cwan had this to say "We enjoy it when fans draw comparisons to bands they think we sound like," says Cwan. "It gives us a different perspective as to how people perceive us. The more new comparisons and reactions we get, the more we know we are doing something right."



The stand out tracks are Poetry in the Putrid Air, Victorian Punishment, Lost Art, and Memento Mori. If you’re a fan of diverse time signatures, a great mix of heavy and melodic music, and just something different then you can’t go wrong with this album.



Be sure to catch them live in Chicago for their record release show, where they will perform "Lunar" in full on March 25 at Cobra Lounge.