Review: The Final Photograph(Short)

FDTC writer James Orrell checked out The Final Photograph, a short film from the people behind Servus de Infernum.
Written by James Orrell
After seeing Servus de Infernum, I was left impressed by Gary Berger and company. Their follow up to that short expands on the skills shown and really hit the right notes with this viewer. The Final Photograph is a unique short film that left me wanting more.
The Final Photograph follows a man who likes to capture pictures of people in their every day life. I can't really tell you more without spoiling the twist in the story, but I can say it didn't go down the path I was expecting. I'm always impressed by a film, let alone a short film, that can surprise me.
Once again the camera work was rock solid. Berger has an eye with the lens and considering how different in tone this film is compared to his last, a wide range of skills in his arsenal.
I am really starting to like Gary Berger and his crew's work. Between these two films they have shown good variety in their ways of storytelling. Consider this writer a growing fan of them. I definitely recommend checking it out.
And you can do just that! Check out The Final Photograph right HERE!