Review: Servus de Infernum(Short)

FDTC writer James Orrell checked out the Satanic-themed short film Servus de Infernum.
Written by James Orrell
I knew practically nothing about this short film going into it other than it has won several awards. That alone made me curious. Turns out, it was definitely worth checking out. Servus de Infernum is a five minute short that delves right into a Satanic ritual.
Off the bat it's apparent that the filmmakers have an eye for the camera. I was impressed with the camera work throughout the short film. There is an evil vibe that permeates the screen every second of the film.
There isn't much room for expository dialogue in this, but rather than that it overwhelms the view with it's visuals. Honestly, I appreciated this approach even more in a film this length.
The music is definitely on point, featuring the work a a local band for the production company. I always love seeing indie filmmakers make us of other local talent in their work.
I personally dug Servus de Infernum. It wastes little time in telling it's story and has some incredible camera work. I definitely recommend checking it out.
In fact, do yourself a favor and check it out HERE!