Review: Night of Something Strange

Director Jonathan Straiton brings what is sure to be a genre favorite with Night of Something Strange.
by Adam Holtzapfel
Night of Something Strange follows a group of five friends going to the beach for spring break. The beginning of a fun filled week away from school turns out to be the night from hell. The group encounters sex crazed zombies and more! With more than enough gross out scenes and a perfect blend of Teeth, She Kills, and a dash of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this will be at home in any genre fan's collection.
What works for the film is the cast (Janet Mayson, Trey Harrison, Rebecca Kasek, Michael Merchant, & the rest). The dialogue is great, the fx are good, some of the make up had issues (latex is a bitch to work with), and the overall feel of the film is great.

This is a great film for a triple feature with Teeth and it’s sister film She Kills. Don’t miss this one and remember to watch out for bloody travelers on your back!