Review: Horror Realm

This past weekend I had a chance to spend a day in Pittsburgh at Horror Realm, which boasted a guest line up of Jill Schoelen, Diane Franklin, rare guest William Butler, Robert Kurtzman, and more!
by Adam Holtzapfel

For those not in the know Horror Realm is a smaller local convention, but you wouldn’t know it. It has the charm and feel of shows like Cinema Wasteland and Days of the Dead combined. I had a chance to catch the I Love the 80’s panel hosted by East Coast Horror Group’s Michael Exler and featuring Jill Schoelen, Suzanne Snyder, Amanda Wyss, and Diane Franklin. During the panel, it was great to hear Diane talk about how she was approached to be in The Final Interview, the new film from Fred Vogel. Even though the panel was short on time, it was a highlight of the show. The tattoo contest was fun, with the time allotted it was just overall horror tattoos, so you had big pieces, small pieces, sleeves, and portraits all competing at once versus a break down of categories. Films that played were CarousHell, The Dead Bodies in #223, as well as a tribute to “Chilly” Billy Cardille. 








The location is also great not far from downtown Pittsburgh or the strip district and close to Robinson and Settler’s Ridge lends itself to plenty to do in the evening or the day before the show if you get into town early.



The vendor room was packed with celebrities, as well as ToeTag Pictures, The Barn, Silver Spotlight Films, and others. If you looked closely you would have caught Tom Savini, as well as Ophelia Rain checking the show at as fans (neither were scheduled to appear) without people hounding them for autographs.










I had a chance to chat with Justin Seaman and Zane Hershberger of The Barn about their upcoming projects, Fred Vogel of ToeTag about The Final Interview, Robert Kurtzman about his work on Late Phases, Steve Rudzinski & Aleen Isley (Silver Spotlight Films) about how hard it is to make a puppet eat pussy, and Diane Franklin about how TerrorVision was ahead of it’s time for making fun of the 80’s while still being released in the 80’s. 



If you want a show that is laid back and fan friendly you can add Horror Realm to the list along with Cinema Wasteland and Days of the Dead for being three of the most fan friendly shows around.