Review: Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2017


This past weekend Days of the Dead hosted their 23rd (24th if you include Culture Shock) show at the Wyndham West in Indianapolis. They definitely showed why they’re the show not to miss!

by Adam Holtzapfel

If you were an early bird your weekend kicked off on Thursday at Kuma’s for the kickoff party. For the rest, as Friday kicked off you could see the fans chomping at the bit to get into the show to see cast from films like Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, Serial Mom, Devil’s Rejects and more. They were also checking out the 48 Hour Film Fest, Black Track events hosted by East Coast Horror Group and the new Blue Track of events hosted by The Son of Celluloid.



As Friday continued the highlight was the Days of the Dead Hall of Fame. Inductees were Jason Hoover (seriously check out his work and thank him for all he’s doing for the indie scene), Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Sid Haig. It was great to witness this event and hear Jason Hoover talk about the state of indie film and why it’s important to support the scene. He was followed by a heart warming induction of my favorite wrestler Roddy Piper (there was not a dry eye in the house), finishing up the night was Sid Haig who talked about his career and how we’re (fans) are the reason there’s a roof over his head, clothes on his back, and food in his stomach. It was a night to remember. 









At around midnight Dee Snider had arrived due to a flight delay to keep his word to his fans who had purchased photo ops for Friday and were only there for the day to meet the man behind Twisted Sister. He had signed until 2am and was back at it bright and early Saturday.



Saturday kicked off with the craziness you’d expect with wrestling superstar Sting having a photo op at 11am and signing for fans immediately after. The film room featured a day dedicated to the powerhouse that is Bandit Motion Pictures showing their work with a packed house for their newest offering Space Babes From Outer Space. The day also included The Chaostume Showdown, That Damn Tattoo Show, and The FX/Make Up competition, which had a tag team theme this year.



Sunday as the show was winding down it was anything but quiet. The Blue Track featured a haunters panel which was a first. From what I heard people would like to see this panel return as it was more of a round table talk with the featured presenters and the audience.



If you missed this show, then be sure to get your tickets for their upcoming Louisville show. This is the premiere convention for fans with panels that don’t feature the same old questions, films you won’t see anywhere else, and a community feeling that cannot be duplicated.