Review: Space Babes From Outer Space

When three Space Babes are forced to land on Earth after a disastrous encounter with the evil Scrotes, they must find a mysterious energy source they've detected to return to Titty City.
Written by James Orrell
Brian K. Williams and Scott Schirmer have made a name for themselves in recent years for their dark and horrific tales in the independent scene. Films like Harvest Lake and Plank Face tap into one of the darkest places in your mind and take you on a more horrific journey.
Space Babes From Outer Space says fuck that and takes you on a very different road. It is without a doubt the funniest film I have seen all year thus far.
With a passing glance you would think Space Babes From Outer Space is a sex romp meant to fill the screen with lots of boobs. Yeah, you wouldn't be wrong. There are a TON of boobs in the movie. But beyond that, it's far funnier than I had expected.
I lost count how many innuendos are in the film. In the first scene alone practically every line is innuendo. More than that, the sexier moments in the film are played more for laughs than anything else. Take a look at the villains. The Scrotes are literally talking ballsacks with teeth. Every time they popped up I couldn't stop laughing. 
Plus, the Operation: Titty Trance scene has to be seen to be believed.
The acting is what really makes this film. Ellie Church, Allison Maier and Alyss Winkler all give incredibly funny and genuine performances as the TIT-ular Space Babes(couldn't help myself and I'm not sorry). They are far more than simple eye candy. All three are strong, if somewhat understandably confused, characters. Church's Carrieola in particular shows a ton of heart and has a great arc throughout the film.
Brian Papandrea steals the show as Charlie. While he has a bit of a scummy side(his introductory scene shows this better than I could ever tell), he also has a lot of redeeming qualities in that he actually cares about them. He shows a strong range over the course of the film.
Brian K. Williams shows off that he's far more than a great camera operator in this film. As both writer and director he has knocked it out of the park. The film is tightly paced with some great moments of true absurdity. The script is far more clever than I had ever hoped for. I cannot wait to see what he writes and/or directs next.
Scott Schirmer's camerawork is spot on in this film. He said in the Making Of featurette that he feels like he's the Sergio Leone of nipples. He's not wrong. More than that though, the framing of each shot in the film is pitch perfect and helps the narrative flow.
Space Babes From Outer Space is a welcome surprise. Whatever you expect out of this, you will get a lot more than that. It has a lot of heart and gave me far more laughs than I've gotten from any other film so far this year. The film is absolutely worth checking out if you want to just have some fun. It's also screening this weekend at Days of the Dead: Indianapolis so if you are attending you can see for yourself!
Also, I don't recommend playing the drinking game. It will probably kill you.
Now if you will excuse me, I'm craving some chicken nuggets...