Review: A Mother Knows Best

A Mother Knows Best is diverse horror anthology that is tied together with the theme of motherhood.
Written by James Orrell
I'm going to go ahead and just say it. A Mother Knows Best is far and away the deepest jump into the horror genre that Chances Are Productions has ever attempted. A collection of short films tied together by the theme of motherhood, each of these stories tackle different elements while retaining a cohesion that is needed to make an anthology work.
Tied together by a mother telling her child a variety of scary stories, A Mother Knows Best makes sure each short film is unique. Zombies, ghosts, psychopaths, even voodoo pops up in these stories. I loved each of the stories individually(I have previously reviewed two of the shorts individually and visited the set for a third) but when played together they feel far more complete to me.
The look to each of these short films are unique. Stephanie Hensley has been a growing filmmaker with each of her projects and this is perhaps the best way to see how much she has grown. From the amazing uses of shadows and black & white film for Mommy Said So, the incredible camera angles of A Mother's Choice, every short film stands out from the others. 
The music from Erin Butusov and Brandi Dale stands out as one of my favorite elements of the entire film. Each short film is beautifully scored and represents the story being told incredibly well. Music has become one of the strongest elements of Chances' Are Productions and it's never been more apparent as it is here.
The acting ranges from incredibly strong to okay. The adults were all solid, but it's hard to get a great performance out of children/teenagers. That's okay though, as it's never bad enough to take me out of the film when it's at it's worst. When it's at it's best, it's simply spellbinding(A Mother's Choice and Mommy's Little Angel stand out in this department to me).
Aside from that, my only real complaint is the fact that occasionally the audio for dialogue is a little too low. It never was low enough for me to have trouble hearing, but the shift can be a little jarring. The audio for the music, however, is perfectly balanced.
Overall, A Mother Knows Best is a fantastic horror anthology. Each story is unique and conveys an eerie tone. It's an absolute must own for fans of horror, with a unique theme. I fully intend to add this to my Mother's Day viewing list every year. Do yourself a favor and seek this out. And, if you are attending Days of the Dead: Indianapolis, seek out Stephanie Hensley and Erin Butusov. They will be selling copies of the DVD at their booth that weekend!