Review: Bummer/Wrong/Whores.




If you like abrasive music, then this is your must see tour of the year.



by Adam Holtzapfel




Last night Bummer, Wrong, and Whores. invaded Ace of Cups in Columbus, OH and put on a hell of a show.







Kansas City’s Bummer opened a band I had heard in passing but was not too familiar with. They put on a set that at times reminded me of Mudhoney, Unsane, and Fight Amp. From the first note I knew I was in for a treat. The crowd was sparse during their set, which was a shame because they’re definitely a band to keep your eye on. If you like riffs, then this is your band. 







Next up we have Miami’s Wrong, fronted by Eric Hernandez (Kylesa, live bass on Torche’s last tour). Another band I have heard here and there, but haven’t had time to actually sit and delve into their album. They played a fun set that kept the crowd wanting more. If you’re into Helmet, then this is a band that should be in your playlist.







Finishing out the night we have Atlanta’s Whores. This is everything a show should be, high energy, loud guitars, killer drums. This is the fourth time I’ve seen these guys and they never disappoint, playing an energetic set where the audience wonders how they do it night after night. Cranking out tracks like Fake Life, I See You’re Also Wearing A Black T-shirt, and Blue Blood (a personal favorite of mine) they spanned their two EP’s (Clean & Ruiner) and their new album Gold. The crowd definitely showed up for them, which is great but also a downer because they missed two great supporting bands.



If this tour is coming anywhere near you, run don’t walk to get tickets and show up early to see Bummer & Wrong as they’re a great compliment to Whores. cathartic live show.





(Pictures by Brigit See)