Review: A Mother's Choice(short)

A young mother to be makes a decision that has a lasting impact on the rest  of her life.
Written by James Orrell
*Note - This review is based on the film before the final score has been added in.*
A Mother's Choice is the latest short film from Chances Are Productions. Written and starring the incredibly talented Erin Butusov and directed by Stephanie Hensley.
I've loved everything that I've seen from Chances Are ever since the beginning due to just how varied the subject matter is in each of their stories and just how much they have improved with every project. A Mother's Choice definitely expands upon both of these while giving us their most mature and darkest material yet.
Erin Butusov has rapidly become one of my favorite talents in independent film. Her acting abilities have grown with each role and her musical talent is incredible. With A Mother's Choice, she shows of her writing skills on top of both of those and needless to say, I've become even more impressed.
A Mother's Choice is an incredibly dark, somber and mature story that makes the absolute most out of it's 20 minutes. 
I was taken aback by the journey this story takes and felt like I was hit by a sledgehammer by the end of the film. The ending in particular flat out gobsmacked me. What a ballsy way to end the story. All I will say is that the film pulls no punches and hits all the right emotional notes.
After hearing Erin's rendition of Radiohead's "Creep," I will never be able to think about that song the same way again. Wow.
Director Stephanie Hensley absolutely nails it here. She gives us great visuals that highlight all of the story beats in a perfect way that shows just how much she has grown as a director the past few years. It may be her best work yet and that is saying a lot. I know I have a habit of saying that about her work, but it doesn't change the fact. If anything, it shows just how much she grows with each film.
A Mother's Choice is one of the darkest stories that I have seen so far this year. Even now, I'm still thinking about it and how it doesn't fuck around. The talent of these women is immense and only going to grow further as they go along. I'm dying to see what's next from these growing powerhouses of indie film.