Review: Wrestlemania 33

WWE reached it's pinnacle event, Wrestlemania, last night. FDTC writer James Orrell spills the good, the bad, and the ugly about the Showcase of the Immortals.
Written by James Orrell
Everyone knows about Wrestlemania. Whether you are a hardcore fan, a casual fan, or couldn't give a fuck less about wrestling, you've heard about Wrestlemania. It's an event that transcends pop culture. The media covers it all week long. Last night, the 2017 edition of the long running event transpired. While it wasn't a perfect event, it definitely showed why Wrestlemania is a powerhouse of an event.
Best Match
AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon - I've read a ton of bitching and complaining on the internet leading up to this match. Fans were outraged that AJ wasn't in a match against a more "top tier" talent. I hope those fans like the taste of crow, because they sure are eating it today. Not only was it FAR better than they thought it was going to be, by my money it was the best match of the night. The men exceeded my every expectation and considering Styles is, in my opinion, the best wrestler in the world today that says it all. This was a great match, with a great story, great psychology, and incredible highlights that really set the tone for the entire show.
Worst Match
Smackdown Women's Champion Six Pack Challenge - This was no fault of the women involved, as all six are fantastic wrestlers. The fact that it was higher up on the card than Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg at WRESTLEMANIA shows just how great they really are. The right person, Naomi, even won. In her hometown no less! Unfortunately, because the show was running far too long this match got rushed far more than any other match on the card.
Best Surprise
The Hardy Boyz Return - Could I possibly put anything else in this spot? Hell no I couldn't. Between the crowd reaction, the incredible moments in the tag title ladder match and the fact that they actually won the match this was the epitome of a perfect Wrestlemania moment. 
Worst Surprise
The Undertaker Retires - The greatest of all time fought his last match. The Undertaker was a stable that kept the WWE afloat in their worst periods. He was a constant. The man you could always count on. Seeing the Dead Man come to the end of his road is one of the most bittersweet moments in Wrestlemania history.
Biggest "I Saw That Coming A Mile Away" Moment
John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella - Following a decent but otherwise humdrum matchup against The Miz and Maryse, John Cena did what everyone around the world saw coming and proposed to his longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella. It was a sweet moment that not even a notoriously anti-Cena crowd decided to shit on. 
Most "Well Deserved" Moment
The Entire 2017 Hall of Fame Class - Kurt Angle. Diamond Dallas Page. The Rock and Roll Express. Rick Rude. Teddy Long. Beth Phoenix. Enough said.
Worst Placement On The Card
Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin - The Intercontinental Championship has a long and illustrious history in the WWE. It has been a very prestigious title over it's entire lifetime. Seeing it defended on the pre-show instead of the main card is a disservice to the title. That being said, I was happy to see it not change hands in a pre-show match.
Overall this year's Wrestlemania stood out as one of the best in recent memory. Even the matches I hadn't mentioned stood out. These are just the moments that stood out the most to me. Wrestlemania 33 was a hit and a reminder of why I love wrestling.