Review: WWE Fastlane 2017

Last night the final WWE ppv on the Road to Wrestlemania, Fastlane, took place. FDTC writer James Orrell gives his thoughts about the show.
Written by James Orrell
I am going to be straight up here. I wasn't expecting much going into this show. With Wrestlemania right around the corner, most of the major storylines and moments are (rightfully) going to be saved for the Showcase of the Immortals. While there were a lot of predictable elements, I'm happy to say there were some pleasant surprises last night. Here are my favorite and least favorite moments and stars of the night.
Favorite moments
Neville vs Jack Gallagher
To say that WWE hasn't really given much thought or time to their cruiserweights, it's fair to say I wasn't expecting much. Holy crap am I happy to be wrong. This match was a fantastic showing of ring psychology, pacing, and incredible in-ring work. Neville makes for a wonderful villain, with his sneers, body language and just how flat out mean he hit his moves. That snap German Suplex he hit on Gallagher really made me wonder if he broke his neck. Nasty, nasty spot. Gallagher had mostly been a comedic element in the cruiserweight division but he more than held his own. The audible crack from his headbutts blows me away every time. His stock is definitely higher than it was before the match.
Extra points for Neville breaking out the Red Arrow. That move is a thing of beauty.
Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn
Despite the match not having the time I would have liked, this match showed the strengths of both competitors. Joe is The Destroyer and he showcased why the entire match. His fluidity in the ring is not just impressive for a 280 lb man, it's impressive period. Sami Zayn once again showed why he's the best underdog babyface on the roster. He showed heart in defeat and mark my words, he will have his time at the top eventually. Showings like this are why.
Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns
Despite the finish, this was one of the best matches of the night. Reigns proved once again, despite what the crowd says, he can deliver in the big fight atmosphere. Braun Strowman is growing with each performance. The Monster Amongst Men is quickly developing into one of the best big men that I have seen in WWE in quite some time. He will be champion by the year's end. No doubt about it. And I can't wait to see the destruction he unleashes on the way.
Least Favorite Moments
Jinder Mahal vs Cesaro
This match was simply added to pad out the three hour show. Really did nothing but that.
Big Show vs Rusev
See above.
Most Surprising Moment
Bayley ending Charlotte's Undefeated PPV Streak
I honestly thought they would save this moment for Wrestlemania. That being said, I'm glad it finally happened because that streak was an anchor around the neck to the entire Raw Women's Division. Now they can finally have a more unpredictable nature to their future matches.
Moment Everybody Had To See Coming
Goldberg squashed Kevin Owens
Considering how they've been booking Goldberg, nobody, and I mean NOBODY should have seen this one coming up any different. Of course Jericho would interrupt. Of course Goldberg would crush him. It may be the boring result, but it's the only one that made sense for both of their stories.
Biggest Waste of a Fucking Segment
The New Day shows off their ice cream kart, but no ice cream
Why? Just... why?
Overall the show was better in some ways than expected but mostly played it safe. It's not going to be remembered as a standout show but it served it's purpose. Now that it's out of the way, there is nothing but Wrestlemania building from here on out. I'm totally okay with that.
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