Review: The Dead Bodies In #223

Jabb Pictures and Horror Wasteland brought a powerful film to 2017 with The Dead Bodies in #223, which recently premiered at Days Of The Dead: Atlanta.
by Adam Holtzapfel
The Dead Bodies In #223 is a tale of a well meaning man that finds himself in a situation, that no one want to be in. It starts seemingly normal and leads down a path to where the viewer doesn't know how things will end.
Nate Coulombe (RUN, Coulrophobia) plays Bill Hardesty. He’s your average 9-5 corporate man with an unloving wife (Ellie Church) and a nice home. He decides to take another stab at an extracurricular activity one day after work that sends him into a descent he may never climb up from.
Written and directed by Jason Hoover (I Am No One, RUN) and co-directed by Bobby Easley (Devil Dogs Of Kilo Company, Belly Timber) this is an hour and a half of suspense that you’ll regret not seeing. This will fit nicely into any collection on the shelf next to Man Bites Dog and Van Bebber’s Manson Family.
The directing style is on point with a scene in a hardware store that reminds me of a scene in Evil Dead. The soundtrack goes great with the story and dialogue. Coulombe, Frankie McKay (Dane Granger) as Candy, and Dustin Wade Hoke as Slaymaker make their roles very believable. The film also feature appearances by Adolfo Dorta as El Lobo and Days Of The Dead: That Damn Tattoo Show hosts Harry Bean as himself and Scott Medjesky as a maintenance man.
Don't sleep on this one! Grab your copy here.
(Pictures taken from Facebook)