Press Release: A Mother Knows Best




Chances Are Productions is proud to announce A MOTHER KNOWS BEST, A Horror Anthology. “Four bedtime stories unlike anything you have ever heard”



A Mother Knows Best is a collaboration piece of twisted tales that explore an intense and sometimes terrifying level of motherly love. Three writers came together to create four unique pieces of the puzzle that will give the audience plenty to discuss and think about long after the credits have ended. This collection is our love letter to anthologies like Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside. Each short featured has a distinctive voice that deserves to be heard in the universe we have created. From tales of catfishing teens to the hard decisions a mother must make, the audience may find it difficult to have just one favorite. We have offered some humor, some jump scares, and some moments that show just how dark a mother’s life can be. This anthology will be released in 2017.



Production Company: Chances Are Productions in association with Thru the Lens Productions

Directed By: Stephanie Hensley

Written By: Stephanie Hensley, Erin Butusov, & Chris Prather

Cinematography By: Stephanie Hensley, Bryan Jolliffe, and Gunner Hollin

Original Score By: Erin Butusov

Special Effects and Make Up By: Harry McCane & Erin Butusov

Music By: Erin Butusov, Brandi Dale, & Doug Sloan

Edited By: Stephanie Hensley



The tales include Momma’s Boy (Written by: Stephanie Hensley Starring: Caleb Glass, Brezlin Ashley, Erin Butusov, & Cody Lawson Directed by: Stephanie Hensley), Mommy Said So (Written by: Chris Prather Starring: Landen Reeves, Brandon Prewitt, & Erin Butusov Directed by: Stephanie Hensley & Roman Jossart), Mommy’s Little Angel (Written by: Stephanie Hensley Starring: Megan Nixon, Allie Arkwright, Erin Butusov, Cody Lawson, & Brandi Dale Directed by: Stephanie Hensley & Bryan Jolliffe), and A Mother’s Choice (Written by: Erin Butusov Starring: Erin Butusov, Cody Lawson, & Ilo Butusov Directed by: Stephanie Hensley) An Official Selection for Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival 2017.