Circus Of The Dead Pre-Order

"Bloody" Billy Pon and company are here with a pre-order date for the long awaited Circus Of The Dead!
by Adam Holtzapfel
After what seems like eons (2 years) Circus Of The Dead is finally getting released to DVD and Blu Ray. Pre-orders begin this Friday January 20th at with the goods shipping in March.
If you can't wait for the hard copy to arrive, you can check it out on iTunes and Amazon, which I highly recommend as this is one of the best, if not the best clown movie in the last 10 years!
Synopsis - Family man Don is in for a night he won't forget and he'll regret for the rest of his life. After visiting the traveling big top he ends up at the whim of a group of clowns led by one sadistic mother fucker. 
Check out the trailer here. So make some corn dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, sit your happy ass back and watch on iTunes or Amazon and then get your little clicker finger ready to pre-order this Friday, January 20th! Remember Papa loves you.