Press Release: The Corner

We here at FDTC are excited to bring you this press release from Mad Ones Films regarding The Corner, the new short film from Jaysen Buterin. 

From the mad mind of Jaysen P. Buterin, writer and director of the award-winning films The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus trilogy, Between Hell and a Hard Place and Don’t Let the Light In, comes a chilling and thrilling new tale of terror… The Corner. To help bring this suspenseful and sinister short film to life, Buterin and Mad Ones Films teamed up with camera man Jesse Knight (Hybrid, The Orbs) and MU/FX wizard Joh Harp, to show what can really happen when you think you’re all alone in a house that isn’t yours.



Starring Missy Dawn as “Joli,” Joh Harp as the mysterious menace, and featuring a special appearance by horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp)as “Lori,” The Corner is a suspenseful story where the scariest monsters wear the biggest smiles. Because despite how the old saying goes, not all the world loves a clown, in fact, some people downright hate them. The Corner... because you never know what you'll find in someone's house, and sometimes, neither do they! The Corner... because sometimes, just sometimes, home is where the horror is!!




Corner 2





With the WORLD PREMIERE set to scream its way onto the screen at the 2017 Days of the Dead Film Festival in Atlanta, GA later next month, The Corner has already been accepted as an official selection at the MystiCon Film Festival in Roanoke, VA and hopes to sneak on to many more film festival screens all around the world this year.



SYNOPSIS: As far as babysitting jobs went, this one was about as routine as it gets. The kids were fed, the teeth were brushed, the bedtime stories were read, and the “Just five more minutes??” requests were hushed. But when Joli finally got a chance to sit down for some quiet time in front of the television things didn’t get dull… they got deadly.




You can see the trailer here.


(Images taken from Facebook)