This week we want to focus on a growing problem in the indie horror scene…crowdfunding.  
    FDTC writer James Orrell visited the set for Stephanie Hensley and Jim Lehman's Chances Are Productions newest film.  
      We here at FDTC are excited to bring you the first look of the follow up to last year's She Was So Pretty. She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake from Dirt Candy Productions!
      "Bloody" Billy Pon and company are here with a pre-order date for the long awaited Circus Of The Dead!  
      We here at FDTC are excited to bring you this press release from Mad Ones Films regarding The Corner, the new short film from Jaysen Buterin.   
    Film fans in Indianapolis have a new reason to rejoice. Murat Movie Night is giving us a great way to experience some of our favorite movies. For October, they chose two all time classics in a double feature. Halloween and Halloween II.  
      We are proud to share with you a brand new press release for Carl J. Sukenick's "Space Psychos" from SRS Media  
      We here at FDTC are proud to present this press release from our friends at Nightmares Film Festival happening in Columbus, OH at the Gateway Film Center. The festival is now taking submissions at