SRS Cinema does “Shark Week” their way with the release of the all new trailer for their latest production, “House Shark”. The movie was written and directed by Ron Bonk. ("She Kills", "Clay") and produced by Jonathan Straiton ("Night of Something Strange"), Tim Ritter (“Truth or Dare”, “Killing Spree”) and Howard Gromero (“Ms Cannibal Holocaust”).
      This week we dive into the ongoing epidemic of piracy. Where is the line between unacceptable and ok, or is there even one? While everyone has pirated in some way (come on we all used Napster at some point), we’re examining if there is such a thing as justified piracy.  
      We here at FDTC are excited to bring you this first look and press release from filmmaker Jaysen Buterin for his new film Kill Giggles!  
      This week FDTC writer Stephanie Hensley shares her experience viewing the casting call for Angel, the newest film from Concept Media and Jonestown Films.  
      “Scarecrowd” Calls back to Old School Italian Horror  
      We here at FDTC are excited to bring you this press release regarding Rub My Mind, the newest effort from Barb Wire Dolls!  
    Gun Caliber Limited Edition Presales Begin as North America Film Fest Tour Launches  
      We here at FDTC are excited to bring you a new sneak peak from She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake!