We at FDTC are excited to bring you this press release from Bandit Motion Pictures regarding their new project Space Babes From Outer Space!  
      Moranic Productions announce SALLY PHILLIPS will play the role of Helen in Blood Shed!  
      This week we want to focus on a growing problem in the indie horror scene…crowdfunding.  
  Donald Farmer’s Cult Classic “Vampire Cop” Comes to Bluray, First Ever Release of Original Director’s Cut  
      “Night of Something Strange” Comes to a Proper Home on VHS  
      We here at FDTC are excited to bring you the crowdfunding news for Blood Shed, the new project from James Moran (Severance) and Cat Davies (Connie).  
    FDTC writer James Orrell visited the set for Stephanie Hensley and Jim Lehman's Chances Are Productions newest film.  
      The Early Works of Goremaster Marcus Koch are on Display in SRS Cinema’s New Year Bluray Release!