Horror from across the pond is heating up, and if Howard and John Ford’s newest offering, “The Dead,” is any indication of what’s on the horizon, horror fans are in for a bright future.
FDTC's resident madman, Malice Psychotik, sits down with Vernon Mortenson of Unconventional Films to discuss the most original concenpt in zombie lore in a while with Universal Dead.
Jenni Fear takes you to the Art Side with a look at the pop art stylings of Anti Warhol.
FDTC's own resident blacksheep, Malice Psychotik, sits down with writer Rob Fox of the critically acclaimed Z-Day is Here - insanity ensues.
Fan favorite convention guest, actor Derek Mears, sat down with FDTC's own Mr. Chainsaw for an exclusive interview about his role in the upcoming Predators as well as dropping the first announcement on his involvement in his next big budget film role.
Extreme creature actor, Brian Steele, sits down with FDTC's Mr. Chainsaw to discuss his role playing one of cinema's most iconic and memorable monsters in the Robert Rodriguez produced, Predators.
A Primal Root Interview Thanks to our friends over at FromDuskTillCon.com, I recently received the opportunity to interview the multi-talented actress, dancer, author, artist, animal activist  and animal psychic, Amelia Kinkade. That’s right, the lovely woman behind one of the most blood thirsty and wicked femme fatales to ever ravage Trash Cinema, Angela from the Night of the Demons series.
Recently, From Dusk Till Con's own TargetJon had a chance to sit down with acclaimed horror artist, Chris Kuchta, for a few questions on his work, the horror scene, and a few of his favorite things to do as both a fan and a vendor on the convention circuit.