Interview: Brian Williams (Space Babes From Outer Space)




This week FDTC writer Adam Holtzapfel had a chance to chat with Brian Williams about the upcoming Bandit Motion Pictures feature, Space Babes From Outer Space.



Adam Holtzapfel - With Space Babes From Outer Space, we see the team at Bandit moving in a different direction from Harvest Lake and Plank Face. Was this something that was in the plans once Plank Face wrapped?




Brian Williams - Not particularly. We have a lot of films we'd like to make, many of them in varying genres. We did know with our first few films with Bandit Motion Pictures that we wanted to make them all different in some way, to keep people guessing, and to not pigeon hole ourselves as a particular kind of Production Company, that only does one specific niche of film. We have many more horror ideas, and more sex comedy scripts, and other genres we'd love to explore if the future allows. We just want to keep things interesting, and tell the kinds of stories we like and enjoy.




AH - Speaking of making different films does this mean there might be a chance that The Bad Man gets made?



BW - We definitely want to make The Bad Man. We've been talking about it a lot lately, and it's on our radar to hopefully do this year. We are optimistic that it could be next, and if the last few days of our pre-order go amazingly well, it will definitely help influence that decision.




AH - You've had another crowdfunding campaign that's smashed the goal, do you attribute that to the fact it works more like a pre order with the money going to the next film?



BW - I think there are a lot of people who are turned off of crowdfunding for various reasons, and the fact that we are able to show you the trailer, the stills, the comfort of knowing the movie is already shot, and having the track record of always following through on our campaigns quickly has a lot to do with it's success. There are also many other factors that we use to plan that helps a lot as well, such as the time of the year, what else is going on, the excitement level of the perks, etc. Running a successful campaign is a full time job itself. It's crazy difficult, you can't prove anything, you have no idea what will work and what will fail, there's no way to truly quantify anything, so it's also a lot of guessing, and hoping, and luck. But being prepared, and going into it with a plan, and having a product that is marketable, and wanted by people, all go a long way.







AH - You have the premiere happening at Gateway Film Center, which also
premiered Plank Face, how did that come about?



BW - We love the GFC, we were looking for a premiere spot, and Jason reached out to us and opened up dialogue about it being there, and we were able to work it out.



AH - For those not in the know, what films influenced you to jump into
making a sex comedy?



BW - I grew up with only a handful of films for the cinematic formative years of my life. I had a few vhs tapes my older sister recorded some films off of HBO/CINEMAX for me because she felt sorry for me not having cable or able to watch much of anything due to my parents being very strict Christians. I watched those films over and over for years. The three amigos, Airplane!, better off dead, mannequin, gleaming the cube, police academy 3 and 4, and several others. I loved comedies, and once I got to be a teenager and was able to ride my bike to the local video store, I really got into the sex comedies, and watched all of them I could. Screwballs, Porky's, Joysticks, I love these ones in particular, but there are so many good sex comedies in the 80s, and once the 90s came along, the sex comedy changed in my opinion. They got more about gross out humor, they relied more on names and fluff, and they lost their heart. I wanted to make a film that while not actually being a technical period piece, would feel like it could have been shown on USA Up All Night, and been in the video store next to those films I grew up loving.