Interview: Jason Hoover

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This week FDTC writer Adam Holtzapfel had a chance to chat with filmmaker and the man behind Days Of The Dead's 48 Hour Film Festival Jason Hoover about the upcoming convention season and his new project The Dead Bodies In #223.
Adam HoltzapfelWith Days of the Dead Atlanta kicking off this year’s film festival, how will that set the tone for the rest of the convention season?
Jason Hoover - Atlanta is, by far, our strongest turnout for the film festival. The indie film scene is strong down there. Not only Filmmakers but indie film fans, as well.
I’m taking a more world wide approach with the screenings this year. We will be spotlighting films from more than 20 countries and in many cases, bringing them to the US for the first time.
AH - Starting in Louisville, you added the Fritz the Nite Owl screening; how did that come about and has it exceeded expectations?
JH - I was introduced to Nite Owl head honcho Mike Mcgraner by Jason Tostevin at Gateway Film Center and we were off to the races. Nite Owl Theater features Fritz The Nite Owl hosting a horror movie favorite while sharing trivia about the film, along the way. It’s a super entertaining way to view a horror classic. The screenings we have hosted to date have been amazing. I look forward to it being a centerpiece of the fest for years to come.
AH - Sunday in Atlanta is the first time you’re doing a day dedicated to short films. How did that idea come about, what can fans expect from it?
JH - Film screenings at a convention can be tricky. Days of the Dead in particular, hosts a ton of other events throughout the weekend. Getting folks to sit in the dark screening room for 2 hours can be tough. I’m hoping that by screening Short Films all day, back to back, will provide people the opportunity to pop in for a few and still get that autograph that they want. The goal, as always, is to get as many eyes as possible on the work we are featuring at the show. Making it a little easier on fans to fit that into an already packed weekend was the least I could do. 
AH - Your new film The Dead Bodies In Room 223 is premiering Saturday, what can the audience expect to see in that compared to your previous work?
JH - It’s not all that different from the films I have made in the past, honestly. It’s an intimate film that focuses on a few main characters dealing with one central issue. More of a thriller than a traditional horror film. I love to drop characters into a situation and watch them try to escape it. This film certainly fits that mold.
AHYou had presented the best of Days of the Dead award at Nightmares Film Festival, how did you get partnered with them?
JH - I’ve been working with Nightmares Director, Jason Tostevin for a few years now, in one way or another. We are both very dedicated to helping the Independent Film scene grow and prosper. When he asked me to be a part of Nightmares, it was a no brainer. I fully support everything that Jason and Gateway Film Center are doing to help the indie film community and I always will.
AH - Last but not least, other than The Dead Bodies In Room 223 do you have any other projects in the works?
JH - I have a few projects in various stages of completion right now. Movies, a tv series, music videos and (if all goes well) a clothing line launching later this year. When you work for yourself, you have to work twice as hard.
You can see a trailer for The Dead Bodies In #223 here.
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