Jay Kay of “From Dusk Till Dawn” sits down and talks with filmmaker Tommy Stovall about his latest film “Aaron’s Blood”. This dark drama with a blend of thick horror and tension has received critical acclaim for the conflict, themes, reality and performances that add a different vision to the sub-genre of vampire storytelling.  
      Reviewed here on “From Dusk Till Con”, “The Transfiguration” is a unique and dark tale surrounding a boy named Milo whose belief in being vampire bleeds into a reality of love, the danger of the neighborhood around him and the immersion into the obsession to survive. A complete film by many standards, it features a talented cast as well as smart lighting and cinematography. An unflinching build of violence set on a rich score, growing dread and a narrative that pays homage as well as finds its own way through the shadows in this coming of age tale. Written and directed by Michael O’Shea, Jay Kay talks with O’Shea about this “horror portrait” which has received acclaim and praise for its darkness, reality and connection with the viewers on different levels.  
      21 Days gave me an eternity of fear
      Currently streaming on SHUDDER.com is the latest short film by rising horror storyteller L Gustavo Cooper entitled THE HOME. Taking place in the middle of a snow storm within the walls of castle that houses women who have become pregnant. A darkness rises inside as a creature is coming… Why is it coming or for whom on holy ground? Within this tense mystery, lies a morale lesson and stain that has called this monster. Jay Kay spoke with the filmmaker Cooper and co-writer Peter Cilella about the short film, successful film festival run, location scouting, growth of an idea and why a crafted score can cause chills for FROM DUSK TILL CON this week!  
      This week FDTC writer Adam Holtzapfel had a chance to chat with Brian Williams about the upcoming Bandit Motion Pictures feature, Space Babes From Outer Space.  
      This week FDTC writer Adam Holtzapfel had a chance to chat with filmmaker Victor Bonacore about Diary of a Deadbeat, his future projects, and more.
      We are our greatest stories and storytellers… We are the characters that harness emotion, horror, walls and the ability to empower others. We hold ourselves back… break the chains and take the leap into the darkness. Words like that reflect the current dark drama on SHUDDER.COM entitled WE GO ON directed by Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland. This film offers insight into a character named Miles who has reached a point in very fragile life and decides to search for proof that something more exists in the beyond, to give purpose in his life. Miles is embodied by the talented actor Clark Freeman who through the journey of being a performer, professional, father, husband and kick ass human offers depth and substance to Miles. Clark spent some time with Jay Kay to discuss the film, finding insight into the look of Miles, the cast that brought this story together, epiphanies and more for this conversation for FROM DUSK TILL CON.
      Westerns and horror films style wise can be some of the most challenging work a production team can tackle. Blend the two genres of film together and it makes for a distinctive, gritty and wild ride. Co-writer and director Chris Von Hoffman has done just that with his latest film came out on February 28 th on VOD. Blending the western style, apocalyptic cannibal family dynamic as well as pair of brothers trying to escape, you get a thrill ride with dark overtones on foundation of insanity. Jay Kay sat down and talked with Von Hoffmann about his feature DRIFTER.