DAYS OF THE DEAD Announces New Show for Early 2015 - "CULTURE SHOCK!"

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Having changed the face of the horror convention scene in just three short years, DAYS OF THE DEAD now plans an adult pop culture show, coming to INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEB 27th - MAR 1st, 2015
DAYS OF THE DEAD has made quite a splash in the horror convention scene since its first show in July of 2011. In just three years, the event most known for its "by the fans, for the fans" aesthetic has grown to four yearly shows in four of the country's most desirable markets - Atlanta, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Los Angeles. But now, DAYS OF THE DEAD founders Adolfo Dorta, Bill Philputt, and Rick Lara, have announced a 5th show for 2015 - one that takes a significant departure from what they have become known for across the country. That show, is CULTURE SHOCK.
"All of us with DAYS OF THE DEAD are big pop culture and comic book fans as well, and we grew up going to the old school comic and sci-fi conventions of 20 years ago," says Adolfo. "But the shows nowadays are nothing like those were. The comic con style show has become way overpriced and over corporatized. It's no longer something that's very accessible to the average fan. The thought of putting on a comic con show in the vein of those that inspired us as kids to go on and do what we do now was an idea we couldn't pass up."
Promising to act a departure from the often repeated forumla of today's pop culture shows, CULTURE SHOCK will gear its focus towards putting together a guest roster of celebrities not often seen at other pop culture shows, as well as hosting events that imitate the same weekend long party atmosphere fans of DAYS OF THE DEAD have come to know and love.

"Every other pop culture show has the same dozen or so flavor of the month celebrities. What happened to the presence of classic Star Wars, or Golden and Silver age comic book creators, or people who worked on our favorite cartoons and films of the 70's and 80's?  As much as we all enjoy much of the new stuff, there's so much great stuff that came before it that is no longer being highlighted the way it should be. We want to make CULTURE SHOCK the kind of show where you would see current Dr. Who celebrities next to an Empire Strikes Back reunion. It all deserves to bve celebrated in equal measure. It will be to pop culture what DAYS OF THE DEAD is to horror," says Adolfo.

CULTURE SHOCK is scheduled to invade the WYNDHAM INDIANAPOLIS WEST from FEB 27th- MAR 1st, 2015. Website and initial guest announcements are coming soon.

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