It’s an exciting time for the horror convention circuit. Never has there been, at least to my memory, so many great shows happening all over the country affording fans the opportunity to come face to face with all their favorite horror related celebrities as well as meet other like-minded aficionados of the macabre. The time is ripe for us to positively shape our scene and make it something to be proud to be a part of.

That’s right, I said “scene” - a term defined as “a collection of people mutually involved in a particular counterculture or movement.” More importantly I said, “our scene.” 

As a collective, it is our responsibility to nurture our scene through the most positive means possible, creating a climate that encourages further growth and development. It’s up to us to prop up and support those who are doing things the right way with the same love and dedication we hold ourselves, and maybe even take up a role in participating ourselves. The horror convention scene is ripe to benefit from such contributions, whether it be through someone taking up as a vendor, or promoting for their local horror show, or having a website to attract new fans to the wild and crazy subculture we all share an affinity for. Whether you are an honest creator or loyal supporter, it takes all kinds to make the wheel turn, and it falls on all of us to see that it turns in the right direction.

More important than encouraging the positive within out scene is quickly culling out and discouraging the negative. It’s very common for a scene to attract all manner of parasites, phonies, and detractors which would be just as happy to hop in to a good thing while it‘s popular, bastardize it for their own gain or just sheer amusement, and then leave just as quickly as they came, not thinking twice about having poisoned  what was there. I saw quite a bit of this in the local music scene in Miami, FL where I grew up, and for a while, it single-handedly ruined the tightly knit culture so may people had worked so hard to create. It’s a sad reality, but it’s so much easier and takes much fewer people to destroy something positive than it took a larger, more caring majority to build it up in the first place. 

Now, the last thing I’m trying to do is encourage anyone to go out there and act like a cop - taking it to that point isn’t helping anyone either and there’s a fine line to walk between acting as a person who encourages only good things for our scene and the other side of the coin which involves being an elitist dick that harbors an unwelcome attitude towards any newcomers. Luckily, these louses are pretty easy to identify for even the most casual fan, their shenanigans being so apparent even a blind man could see them. These frauds come in to our scene and try to drive a very obvious wedge between fans while at the same time researching as much about our way of life as they can to seem as if they know what they’re talking and best assimilate themselves into our way of life. A few may even sound quite convincing - even claiming to have been a part of this culture their whole lives. When it comes down to it, however, “real recognizes real” (as I always say), and for these phonies this isn’t a “scene” so much as it’s a “seen.” And it’s each and every one of ours’ responsibility to show them we won’t stand for their polluting that which we love.

Managers and promoters aren’t exempt from scrutiny either, and sadly, there are those that are highly greed motivated and would just as soon fuck their patrons than provide a quality product that fans would support and make a lucrative undertaking anyway - however, that’s material for another blog. But when you have horror fans drawing lines in the sand against each other, while behind the scenes some Johnny-Come-Lately is amused by the friction he's created, well, that’s when those who give a real shit about their scene need to stand up and do something about it. Turning to look the other way doesn’t cut it when there is so much at stake of being lost. For those of us who want to claim we really love this counter-culture, it’s time to put our collective money where our mouths are and make these parasites aware that their negative influence is not welcome among us. It is also our duty to welcome all newcomers who seek to be an honest part of our scene and show them how to contribute in a positive and productive manner as members of our expansive family (show them the ropes so to speak).

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to build something great. It takes a lot of commitment to nurture its growth and longevity. And it takes only a handful of assholes to infect a good thing with hate and bring the whole house down faster than you have a chance to react to it. So long as our house is the one built on love, truth, and integrity, it’s structure, like our scene, can endure even the harshest storm.

Brutal and bloody regards,
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