Discussion: Piracy       This week we dive into the ongoing epidemic of piracy. Where is the line between unacceptable and ok, or is there even one? While everyone has pirated in some way (come on we all used Napster at some point), we’re examining if there is such a thing as justified piracy.  
Retro Review: Night of the Living Dead(1968)     In memory of the recently deceased master of horror, George A. Romero, FDTC writer James Orrell takes a look back at one of his seminal masterpieces, the original Night of the Living Dead.  
Review: Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2017       This past weekend Days of the Dead hosted their 23rd (24th if you include Culture Shock) show at the Wyndham West in Indianapolis. They definitely showed why they’re the show not to miss!
Review: Space Babes From Outer Space     When three Space Babes are forced to land on Earth after a disastrous encounter with the evil Scrotes, they must find a mysterious energy source they've detected to return to Titty City.    
Days of the Dead Invading Charlotte, NC in 2018       We're excited to bring you this announcement from Days of the Dead regarding the addition of a fifth city in 2018. Also, don't forget about their Indianapolis show in just two weeks!  


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